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For reliable help when a friend, relative, or loved one has been detained in Pinellas County Jail, look no further than Al Estes Bail Bonds. Since 1964, we have provided unbeatable bail and bond services to our community. If you need help with bail bonds in Palm Harbor, FL, we are the best team for you. Reach out to us at 727-571-9999 to get a free estimate!

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There is no shame in asking for help, especially when a friend or a loved one has been detained for criminal misconduct. Depending on the offense, the bail could be low or it could be incredibly high. In either case, when you need help with bail money, there is no other company to trust. Al Estes Bail Bonds has provided bail and bond services for well over 50-years. We know what is needed most in these times is the chance to defend yourself. The best way anyone can do that is when they are on their own two feet. That is why we offer bail for felony, misdemeanor, theft, and other charges.

  • Felony Bail A felony charge or conviction is a serious offense that needs your full attention. We can help get you out of jail so you can do just that.
  • Misdemeanor Bail Even misdemeanors can carry serious convictions. Don’t miss an opportunity to defend yourself by being in jail.
  • Drug Charge Bail When you have been charged with drug possession or sale, you need a good defense. Let us start helping by getting you out of jail.
  • Weapons Violation Bail Let our company help with bail for a weapons violation charge.
  • Theft Charge Bail Whether it was an accident or on purpose, theft is a serious crime that needs to be addressed. We can at least help with your bail.
  • Probation Violation Bail Bail in a probation violation charge should be the least of your worries. Even still, let us help so you can prepare your argument.
  • DUI Bail Bonds Let us help with bail when you are arrested for a DUI.
  • Cash Bonds For those that want to pay the full bail amount, but don’t want the entire responsibility, a cash bond is the way to go.
  • Immigration Bail Bonds Don’t be intimidated by immigration or ICE arrests. We can help return loved ones to you by helping with their bail.
  • Assault Bail Bonds If you are arrested for assault, there are serious consequences that come with that. Don’t be stuck in jail when you could be home preparing your argument.
  • Domestic Violence Bail Bonds When you are accused of domestic violence, make sure you are prepared for court. Let us help with your bail so you can do that.
  • Emergency 24-Hour Bail Bonds Rely on us for immediate and emergency bail bonds services.

When life happens, you need to know there is someone you can rely on. That someone is actually Al Estes Bail Bonds. We are a bail bonds company in your area offering a variety of necessary bond services. When you can’t afford the full bail amount, you can always take out a bond. We actually do offer free estimates for bonds because we understand this is a big commitment. Call us today at 727-571-9999 to learn more about our services.

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Trust Al Estes Bail Bonds with any bail or bond service. Call us today at 727-571-9999 for help with bail bonds in Palm Harbor, FL. We are here for you.