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DUI, theft, and other accusations are serious offenses that need to be taken just as seriously. While it may feel easy to laugh some things off, if you are tried and convicted of criminal activity in the state of Florida, that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Mistakes are made every single day and we don’t believe certain mistakes should follow people around. That’s why Al Estes Bail Bonds is here. We are in business to help bail people out of jail so they can get back to their families, back to their loved ones, and feel better prepared for court. We can’t defend you in court, but we can help you get home to better prepare your arguments. When you need any kind of bail services in St. Petersburg, FL, rely on us. We can help you. Call 727-571-9999 to get started.

How We Can Help You

How does bail or a bail bondsman work? It’s actually pretty simple. When someone is accused and arrested of a crime, they are taken into custody by county law enforcement. That person is then processed and held in jail where bail is set. Bail is what allows those charged with a crime to stay at home while they wait for a trial to see if they will be officially convicted of whatever crime they have been accused of. 

For some, having a friend or a loved one pay the total bail is not a problem. For many, however, their loved ones may not have all the money necessary to pay bail, which can be very expensive at times. That is when bail bonds companies like Al Estes Bail Bonds come in. We can help you in a variety of different ways. Our bail bonds company has been around since 1964, so we have seen just about everything. We have several bail and bonds options for those that need it.

How does the actual process work? Who gets money and who doesn’t? When someone you know is in jail, you or a loved one could pay a cash bond to our company. A cash bond is the full bail amount and as long as the person you bailed out shows up to their assigned court hearing, you will see all the money you paid returned to you. It’s kind of like an insurance policy. We also offer bonds, in which you pay us a certain amount of the total bail. Our company then pays the rest of the bail to return your loved one with the understanding that they will show up to all of their court proceedings. If they don’t, you are then responsible for paying us the entire bail amount. Obviously determining which option is best for you can be tricky. We do offer free estimates for all bail or bond services, so you can have a chance to decide which option you would prefer.

Whether you want help posting the total bail or you want to pay a low-risk bond, we are the company to rely on. Our bail services in St. Petersburg, FL can help you when you need it most.

Bail Services

  • Felony Bail Felonies are the most serious crimes to be convicted of in Florida. Rely on our bail services to get you on your feet and ready for court.
  • Misdemeanor Bail Even misdemeanors need to be taken seriously. Call us for help with bail.
  • Drug Charge Bail Any drug charge needs to be addressed seriously. Contact our office for a free estimate to help with bail.
  • Weapons Violation Bail Don’t let a mistake follow you for the rest of your life. Use our bail services to post bail and prepare your court argument.
  • Theft Charge Bail When you are accused of theft, make sure you can properly defend yourself at trial. Make bail and prepare your argument properly.
  • Probation Violation Bail Probation is serious enough. Include a probation violation and things can messy. Call us for help with bail when you need it.
  • DUI Bail Bonds We offer free estimates for bonds in all situations including DUI bail needs.
  • Cash Bonds You can pay the entire bail up front to us and recieve a bond for insurance. Learn more about how a cash bond works.
  • Immigration Bail Bonds For help with immigration and ICE bail, contact us.
  • Assault Bail Bonds Assault accusations carry serious weight in the state of Florida. For help with bail, rely on us.
  • Domestic Violence Bail Bonds Just like assault, domestic violence offenses are serious. Be prepared for court by making bail.
  • Emergency 24-Hour Bail Bondsman Life doesn’t happen between 8 am and 5 pm. Rely on us when you need bail services any time of the day or night.