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Understanding Your Options

Whether you are facing a felony or a misdemeanor arrest, you do have options when it comes to your bailout. Like others, you could choose to pay a bondsman to bail yourself or a loved one out. Or you could pay a cash bail upfront. Not everyone can afford a cash bail, which is why we have the options that we do. For more information about a cash bonds in St. Petersburg, FL, keep reading. If you are needing help with bail, give Al Estes Bail Bonds a call at 727-571-9999.

Why Choose Cash Bail?

When you know that you have been wrongfully arrested or you know you can afford the full amount of bail, is when someone would choose cash bail over a bond. The reason is that cash bail requires all the money upfront. In doing so, you could risk being out a lot of money if you or your loved one doesn’t show up for court. That is typically why many choose to go with a bail bond. There is a less initial risk. That being said, cash bail can benefit those that know what they need to do to prepare for their assigned court hearing.

Cash Bail vs. Bail Bond

Cash Bail vs. Bail Bond

Typically, a regular bail bond only requires a certain percentage of your overall bail. Meaning, you pay so much to a bail bondsman so they can then pay the courts for your release. You are then responsible for showing up to your court hearing after which the rest of your bail is settled. Cash bail is substantially different. With cash bail, you are responsible for putting up the entire amount of bail. Rather than brokering something through a bondsman. That being said, Al Estes Bail Bonds offers the service of a cash bail through us. You, a loved, a family member or friend pays us the bail to get you out. Once you show up for your hearing, the money you paid to get bailed out is returned to you.

Why You Can Trust Us

Why You Can Trust Us

You can trust Al Estes Bail Bonds because we have a proven track record with our clients. Our job is not to judge or look down on those that need us. We understand that everyone gets into trouble or in bad situations. Our company has been in business since 1964, providing reliable bail bonds services to as many people as we possibly can. You may also know us as Clearwater Bail Bonds or Express Bail Bonds. Whether you are facing a felony DUI or a misdemeanor weapons charge, you can trust us to help. With cash bail, we secure your money once it is provided. As long as you show up to your assigned court date, that money will be yours again, guaranteed. Read through our reviews to see what others think about our services.

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