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Almost everyone enjoys a drink at a bar and everyone knows not to drink and drive, however, it does happen. When it does, you could end up facing serious punishments and fines based on a number of factors. If you or a loved one is in Pinellas County jail for driving under the influence, you need immediate help. For that, contact Al Estes Bail Bonds. We can help provide DUI bail bonds in St. Petersburg, FL at any time of the day. Call us at 727-571-9999, 24/7.

DUI Charges in Florida

No matter what state you are in, driving under the influence is a serious offense that should not be taken lightly. In the state of Florida, our laws state that a DUI, driving under the influence, is defined as anyone operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC) level between .08% and .15%. It’s important to know the distinction between the BAC because it can determine whether you are charged with a felony or a misdemeanor. A first time DUI offense is processed as a misdemeanor. Second, third and subsequent DUI offenses are processed as permanent felony charges that will never leave your record. 

If you are caught driving with a BAC at .08% or higher, you could face a jail term up to 6-months and a fine up to $1,000.

If you are caught driving with a BAC at .15% or higher, your jail term could be up to 9-months with a fine up to $2,000. 

Additional punishments for a first-time DUI could be mandatory community service hours, probation up to 1-year, impounding the vehicle, and/or license suspension between 6-months and 1-year. For those who may be facing additional DUI’s, you may be required to attend DUI school, have an ignition controller installed, or a lifetime license suspension.

Knowing the punishments can only do so much good. It’s also important to know your rights and know what you need to defend yourself and you can’t do that from inside a jail cell. Contact Al Estes Bail Bonds for help with a DUI bail bonds in St. Petersburg, FL. Be able to defend yourself or help a loved one defend themselves. We can help you get on solid ground to better prepare your arguments. Contact us to get a free estimate of bail for your needs. We understand that every situation is different which is why we choose to hear your story before making a decision.

DUI Bail Bonds for Drunk Driving

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