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Accusations of probation violation are a serious offense and need to be taken just as seriously. During a probation hearing, you will have the chance to defend yourself against these accusations. To do that, you need a well-thought-out argument and you may not be able to put that together while in Pinellas County Jail. You’ll need to post bail in order to get home to your loved ones as well as get home to start preparing yourself for court. When you need help with probation violation bail in St. Petersburg, FL, rely on Al Estes Bail Bonds. Our company has been in business for over 50 years, helping local residents with a large portion of their legal needs. Though we can’t defend you in court, we can help you get back on your feet to prepare your defenses. Call us at 727-571-9999 for a free estimate for bail.

Probation and Bail

Violation of Probation (VOP) in Florida is a serious accusation that needs to be taken seriously. The penalties for VOP can seem severe but that is because the act of violating your probation is a serious offense. How can you violate probation?

  • Being arrested for a new crime
  • Not keeping with certain legally required financial obligations
  • Testing positive for a controlled substance
  • Refusing or failing a drug test
  • Missing an appointment with a probation officer

VOP is neither a set felony or misdemeanor violation because that ruling is dependent on several things. Since this violation will more than likely be someone’s second illegal offense, law enforcement will have to use their own discretion to determine if the crime should be deemed either a felony or a misdemeanor. For example, if you are accused a second time of first-degree petty theft, that is often elevated to a third-degree felony charge. 

If you are accused and arrested for VOP, you will be processed and held in lockup until an arranged hearing. At the hearing, a judge will take into consideration your previous criminal record, the nature of the most recent crimes and make a ruling. You are allowed a chance to explain and defend yourself in this situation, which is why it’s so important you make bail. Legally get out of jail and into a situation where you can comfortably put together a defense. For that, rely on Al Estes Bail Bonds. We are the best people to trust when you have been accused of probation violation. Whether you need a bond or cash bail, let us help you. Call us at 727-571-9999 to get started. 

Probation Violation Bail is Determined in Court

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