Can You Get a Bond for a Felony?

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Bond for Felony Charges

If you or a loved one has been arrested for a felony charge, then you’ll need to call a bail bond agent for a felony bond. What is felony bond? A felony bond is a bail bond that can be used to get those arrested for felony crimes released from jail. A lot of people ask, “What does out on felony bond mean?” and that means that a person who was charged with a felony is out of jail because someone posted bail for them. In Florida, felonies are classified in five categories. These are the types of felonies you can be convicted of in Florida.

  • Third Degree Felony: An example of a third degree felony would be burglary or if someone had been arrested for a third DUI. Someone convicted of a third degree felony can go to prison for five years, have five years of probation, and have to pay a fine of $5,000.
  • Second Degree Felony: Sexual battery and severe child abuse are examples of the second degree felony in Florida. This type of felony can land someone in prison for 15 years, with 15 years of probation, and a fine of $10,000.
  • First Degree Felony: Examples of first degree felonies would be human trafficking and robbery with a weapon. Someone convicted of a first degree felony can go to prison for 30 years, have 30 years probation, and a fine of up to $10,000.
  • Life Felony: Crimes that are considered a life felony are murders that are unpremeditated or kidnapping. Like the name suggests, the person will get life in prison, without the possibility of parole or probation. The fine for this type of felony is $15,000.
  • Capital Felony: Armed kidnapping and murder are considered capital felonies in the state of Florida. These types of felonies are punishable by either life in prison or the death penalty.

Depend on the type of felony, someone might be eligible for bail. However, if its the person second felony conviction, then they might not be eligible for bail. It is all up to the discretion of the judge and the court.

Does a Felony Ruin Your Life?

When it comes to being convicted of a felony, it can make things in your life harder. For one, if someone is convicted of a felony, they will go to prison no questions asked. Every category of felony in the state of Florida requires that the person convicted serve some time in prison. Unfortunately, there can be a lot of social stigmas when it comes to people who have been charged and convicted of felonies. A lot of the freedoms that someone once has might be taken away or limited due to parole or probation. Then there is the obstacle of finding work and housing. It can prove to be difficult, but many people who have been convicted of felonies and released have been given second chances and have been able to reintegrate themselves back into society.

Can Felony Charges Be Dropped?

Depending on the circumstances of the case, a felony charge can be dropped for certain reasons. Sometimes the judge will choose to drop charges because there isn’t enough evidence or the statute of limitations on the particular crime has run out. A lot of things can come into plan when deciding if a felony case should be dropped, such as criminal record, prior convictions, etc. While you can hope that felony charged will be dropped, if there is enough evidence and not a lot of time has gone by, you can be pretty sure that those charges will stick.

Felony Bond Violation

There are a couple of ways in which you can be in violation of your felony bond. If someone chooses to skip their court date, that would be considered a violation and a reason for the police to come after you. Another reason that bail can be violated is if another crime is committed while someone is out on bail. Other felony bond violations include violating other bail conditions that have been put in place by the court or judge.

Does a Felony Guarantee Jail Time?

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Can You Get a Felony and Not Go to Jail?

Whenever you are charged and convicted of a felony, then you won’t just get jail time–you will go to prison. The length of times will vary, but felony convictions can range from five years in prison to life in prison. However, waiting for your trial to start, you can be eligible for a felony released on bond. If you are needing a felony bond in St. Petersburg, FL, know that you can depend on the bail bondsmen at Al Estes Bail Bonds. We can offer bail services that will get you released from jail quickly. Whether its emergency bail bonds or a regular surety bail bonds, we are ready to help you. Give us a call at 727-571-9999 for felony bail bond services.