Do You Have to Get Bailed Out for a DUI?

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Do you have to get bailed out for a DUI?

While most people want to get out of jail as soon as possible after a DUI arrest, you might have a good reason to want to stay in jail. Some might not be able to afford bail. Others might just simply be too ashamed or embarrassed to call someone for bail. In Florida, you’re going to stay in jail until your BAC is at an acceptable level. Bail will be set after that. Moreover, DUI bail, or any bail for that matter, is never 100% guaranteed. Judges might decide not to grant bail in certain circumstances. If you have an extensive criminal record or several DUI arrests or convictions or if the judge believes you might be a flight risk for some reason, bail might not be granted. If you do, indeed, want to be released from jail and need DUI bail bonds in St. Petersburg, FL, you can get fast, reliable 24/7 help from Al Estes Bail Bonds. All you need to do is call 727-571-9999.

How much does it cost to bail out of jail for DUI?

In Florida, for a first-time DUI offense bail will be set at $1,000. A second offense is $5,000. But, don’t expect to get out of jail immediately after a DUI arrest. You’re going to have to sober up first. You’ll likely remain in jail for eight to 12 hours as your BAC levels drop to a level acceptable for release.

How likely is jail time for first DUI?

In Florida, if you’re convicted of DUI, it’s not unusual for even first-time offenders to receive a jail sentence. Jail time is especially likely if you refused to take a breath test or a crash was involved.

Jail sentences for first-offense DUI include:

  • With no crash involved up to six months when you refuse a breath test or your BAC is below 0.15. You are considered DUI if your BAC is 0.08 or higher.
  • A sentence of up to nine months is possible for a BAC of 0.15 or higher or if you had a minor in the car.
  • If a crash was involved, you can receive up to 12 months of jail time.

A DUI arrest in Florida will have you waiting in jail for several hours as you sober up before DUI bail can be posted.

Will a first time DUI ruin my life?

While a DUI, like other criminal offenses, can impact your life in some negative ways, your life will not be ruined. Although you could end up in jail, even for a first-time offense, or even lose your license, you can get past this charge, especially if you stay out of trouble and fulfill all obligations set down by the court if convicted, especially attending any court-ordered rehab sessions.

After you’ve posted DUI bail, if you don’t have an attorney, you should get one to help you with your case. Attorneys can help you get charges or sentences reduced and can guide you through the process. With an attorney on your side, you have a better chance of getting the charges dropped in certain circumstances.

If you’re seeking employment and the charges come up in a background check, you should always be honest with your potential employer. Most people will understand that DUIs especially are mistakes in judgment most people are able to get past and move forward with their lives afterward.

Does a DUI make you a bad person?

Having a DUI on your record doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. DUIs are fairly common and often the worst offense your average person commits. What this means is that you made a really terrible decision that, hopefully, you’ll never make again. This does not mean others won’t judge you. They may, and it could affect aspects of your life from personal relationships to jobs.

DUI released without bail

While in Florida, you will have to remain in jail until your BAC has reached an acceptable level for your release, a judge will set bail after that. For a first-time offender, DUI bail is normally set at $1,000, but a judge also has an option to release you without bail, or on your own recognizance. This means you’ll sign an agreement to appear for all court hearings. You will also have to follow certain conditions set down by the court which might include maintaining employment or even beginning alcohol rehab. Recognizance releases are entirely up to the court.

DUI while out on bail

If you’ve been bailed out of jail for any offense, and then are arrested for another offense, it’s very likely your bail will be revoked. This is especially true for a DUI because avoiding alcohol or drugs while out on bail is often a condition of your bail agreement. Moreover, not only will you have to make it to your court appearance for the first offense, but you’ll also have to appear in court for the second offense. Depending on the circumstances, it’s harder to get bail for the second offense or if bail is granted, the amount will probably be much higher than normal and the conditions much stricter.

Bail for DUI manslaughter

When you drive under the influence, crash, and kill someone, you’ve committed a very serious offense—DUI manslaughter. At the very minimum DUI bail for this offense is $20,000. It’s often set much higher.

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DUI bail in Florida

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